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ATTENTION! This blog is the genuine Sabah Claim Society.

We are Philippine patriots who have grouped together from around the world and who created the Sabah Claim Society group originally on Facebook on 15 July 2011 and counted close to 6,000 members.

But on 5 October 2011 our group on Facebook was traitorously hijacked by two people we had invited to join us as group admins but who, we learned later on, had been hired to sabotage our patriotic group by a group of sinister individuals sporting fake European sounding nobility titles and other spurious Tausug/Sulu titles ['bestowed' and indiscriminately distributed on Facebook] and organized by a combined team of charlatans namely a datu (sporting a fake sultan title) and the latter's handler who is conveniently sporting an absolutely fake 'princely' title as well.

Please be warned that the said group of individuals, we believe, are in fact con artists out to "claim" Sabah for "get rich quick" reasons and are not genuine Philippine patriots. Their motive, we have discovered, is to be able to convince Malaysians that they are genuine Sulu royalty and pro-Philippine Sabah claim supporters in order to extract from Malaysia (which has control of Sabah today) a premium for letting go of the Sabah claim.

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Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Problems facing the Sultanate of Sulu are mounting because of the smear campaign tactics by Omar Maniquis against the other members of the Kiram family in order to promote Datu Fuad A. Kiram as the reigning sultan of Sulu despite evidences that point to the fact that Datu Fuad is far from being the successor to the sultanate of Sulu throne.

Based on our interviews with many legitimate members of the Royal Kiram family, we have come to the conclusion that the motive of Omar Maniquis, who has been using the name of "Omar Kiram", for promoting discord in the Sultanate of Sulu is purely monetary. 

Because we believe that the Philippine national claim to Sabah is contingent upon the unity of the sultanate of Sulu, we continue to gather facts for all may know. To defend the Philippine Sabah claim effectively, it is essential to unmask the charlatans from among those claiming to be members of the Royal Kiram family.

Rajamuda Muedzul T. Kiram's website carries the following post denouncing his uncle Datu Fuad Kiram for trying to usurp the Sulu sultanate throne:

*Photo shows Rajamuda Muedzul-lail T Kiram (left) in better times with his uncle Datu Fuad Kiram (shown right in photo) whom he appointed regent of sabah but who has since declared himself Sultan of Sulu and Sabah despite overwhelming evidences that he cannot be a legitimate pretender to the throne of Sulu and Sabah. Fuad Kiram has been excommunicated by Sulu Ruma Bechara following his self-declaration as Sultan of Sulu.

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