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We are Philippine patriots who have grouped together from around the world and who created the Sabah Claim Society group originally on Facebook on 15 July 2011 and counted close to 6,000 members.

But on 5 October 2011 our group on Facebook was traitorously hijacked by two people we had invited to join us as group admins but who, we learned later on, had been hired to sabotage our patriotic group by a group of sinister individuals sporting fake European sounding nobility titles and other spurious Tausug/Sulu titles ['bestowed' and indiscriminately distributed on Facebook] and organized by a combined team of charlatans namely a datu (sporting a fake sultan title) and the latter's handler who is conveniently sporting an absolutely fake 'princely' title as well.

Please be warned that the said group of individuals, we believe, are in fact con artists out to "claim" Sabah for "get rich quick" reasons and are not genuine Philippine patriots. Their motive, we have discovered, is to be able to convince Malaysians that they are genuine Sulu royalty and pro-Philippine Sabah claim supporters in order to extract from Malaysia (which has control of Sabah today) a premium for letting go of the Sabah claim.

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Kuala Lumpur to put Filipino Tausugs on trial for Sabah 'incursion'

Anwar Ibrahim, high profile victim of the 
so-called Kuala Lumpur justice system 
after he dared challenge Mahathir who accused 
him of sodomy in Kuala Lumpur's 
pathetic burlesque justice show
Court will try intrusion case fairly says Malaysia's Attorney General Gani from Kuala Lumpur.

Fair trial for Suluks in Kuala Lumpur? Pigs might fly! 

Kuala Lumpur officials have no business putting Suluks on trial under Kuala Lumpur justice system

Moreover, Kuala Lumpur has no business labelling them 'terrorists' because they are not. We must all remember that the Royal Sulu Army and their supporters went to Sabah which, by Philippine law, is Philippine territory. 

Under Republic Act 5446, the Philippines has title and dominion over Sabah. The Philippine Government and its leaders must not allow Kuala Lumpur to further inflict and heap abuse on Suluks and Filipino Tausugs.  

The Philippine Government and Filipinos worldwide must vigorously protest Kuala Lumpur's planned farce against Suluks in Sabah that they call justice system. Do not trust Malaysians! Their justice system is highly flawed and  is meant more to amuse the Malaysian gallery than to deliver justice.

A very good example: Just ask former Malaysia Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim (in picture) about how Kuala Lumpur's rocambolesque justice system dealt with his case when he dared opposed Mahathir! Human Rights Watch said Malaysia proceedings against Mahathir violated basic fair trial rights.

Our Suluks have absolutely no chance of getting a fair trial in the hands of the illegal occupants of Sabah as we shout loud and clear to the world that Kuala Lumpur has no business putting them on trial!

~~ By Defenders of the Philippine Sabah and Spratly Claims
27 March 2013


REPORT: March, 26, 2013 - 9:09 pm
Court will try intrusion case fairly says Malaysia's Attorney General Gani from Kuala Lumpur  

KUALA LUMPUR: Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail is confident Malaysia’s courts will try the Sulu terrorists involved in the intrusion into Lahad Datu, Sabah in a fair and efficient manner. 
He said the case would not take too much time to complete. 
“Ever since Tun Zaki (former Chief Justice Tun Zaki Azmi) started the programme in court, I think they have been very efficient. 
“Mention date has been set on April 12, and then we will fix for trial, insya-Allah, I think within months we will have the trial. 
“But, we must also take into account the security circumstances, as the matter is not something straight-forward,” he told reporters after witnessing the signing of a renewal of agreement between the Malaysian Government and the Asian-African Legal Consultative Organisation (AALCO) here Tuesday. 
Abdul Gani said the case investigation officer would meet him Wednesday, to give a briefing on the terrorists who were still under detention. 
For more, read Borneo Insider report here.

In picture: Malaysia's opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim (R), his wife Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (C) and his daughter Nurul Nuha Anwar, leave the courtroom in Putrajaya on February 17, 2010. © 2010 Reuters

Monday, 25 March 2013

Claim to North Borneo (Sabah) is the claim of the entire Republic - Senator Jovito Salonga

On 25 March 1963,  many months before the creation of the Malaysia Federation, Senator Lorenzo Sumulong delivered a Privilege Speech on Philippines' North Borneo (Sabah) Claim in the Philippine Senate. 

In his privilege speech, Senator Sumulong berated the Republic's Sabah claim and tried vigorously to invalidate the Philippine Sabah claim by siding with the British and by praising Tunku Abdul Rahman's vision for the planned Malaysia Federation that would deprive the Philippines of its sovereignty rights over North Borneo (Sabah).
In his speech, Senator Sumulong insisted that Sabah should be handed to Kuala Lumpur. (Senator Sumulong is the grand uncle of President Benigno Aquino III through his mother, President Cory Aquino, a niece of Senator Sumulong.)
Senator Salonga
Five days later or on 30 March 1963, Senator Jovito Salonga delivered one of the best elocutions that this Republic has ever known with his magistral defence of the interest of the Republic which will (and should) continue to haunt the Republic especially against the backdrop of what is happening to the Republic's territorial claims and the inaction of this Government concerning North Borneo (Sabah).
In his stinging point-by-point rebuke of Senator Lorenzo Sumulong's virtually treacherous stand, Senator Jovito Salonga concluded his speech by sounding an ominous clarion call and called Senator Sumulong to task. He reminded Senator Sumulong and the Philippine Senate the following: 
"It is only now that Britain and Malaya have become increasingly appreciative of our stand and their willingness not to prejudice our claim despite Malaysia is certainly a great credit to the [Macapagal] Administration."
He warned Senator Sumulong with these words which bear repeating until we obtain Sabah back: 
"If between now and August 31,1963, the scheduled date of birth of the Malaysia Federation, these countries should stiffen in their attitude towards our claim, I must state in all candor that for all my respect for him and even assuming the nobility of his motives, the good Senator cannot fully escape the burden of responsibility."
The following words of Senator Salonga remain valid to this day and must be the guiding tenet of the Republic in its pursuit of its claim to North Borneo (Sabah).
"I believe that on such a fundamental question as this, it may be well for us to remember that political considerations, bitternessand endless quibbling should stop at the water's edge and that the claim to North Borneo is not the claim of the President, nor of the Liberal Party, nor of his Administration, but a claim of the entire Republic, based on respect for the rule of law, the sanctity of contractual obligations, the sacredness of facts and the relentless logic of our situation in this part of the world."
31 August 1963 came to pass... On that day, Britain granted North Borneo (Sabah) its independence. 
Two weeks later or on 16 September, Malaysia Federation was created with North Borneo (Sabah). Thanks to the 'collaborative' spirit of Senator Sumulong who showed his subservience to the British and who served Malaya Peninsula's interests with great vigour, North Borneo (Sabah) fell in the hands of Kuala Lumpur.
And today or 50 years later, the tradition of the family of Senator Aquino of serving the interest of other countries against that of the Republic of the Philippines continues with outstanding consistency.
~~ By Defenders of the Philippine Sabah and Spratly Claims
26 March 2013

Link to the Senator Sumulong's privilege speech seeking the surrender of Sabah to Kuala Lumpur:

Kuala Lumpur, Peninsular Malaysia troops beat and forced civilian Suluk farmer in Sabah to eat feces

SABAH STAND-OFF: Kuala Lumpur, Peninsular Malaysia troops beat and beat and forced civilian Suluk farmer in Sabah to eat feces

Affidavit of a returning resident Suluk from Tawau, Sabah from Sabah stand-off: Beaten and forced to eat feces.

Kuala Lumpur armies and police forces kill a whole family in Sabah including children

LATEST FROM Borneo Insider (NOTICE THEIR HEADLINE: "MALAYSIA moves residents out of invasion, etc...")
UPDATED – DAY 21: OPs DAULAT Malaysia moves residents out of invasion zone as it tries to root out Filipino invaders
Najib says, "The existence of settlements are easily exposed to the danger of infiltration by illegal immigrants and stateless persons."

NOTE that Najib is carbon copying the tactics of General Templer when the latter rooted out Communist insurgents in Malaya during the Malaya Emergency and will have no qualms sacrificing the lives of children.

Troops in an armoured carrier race to Tanjung Batu
after a shoot-out between intruders and police
Sunday morning which saw the murder
of an entire family including children.
The armies and police forces of Kuala Lumpur have killed a family including children according to Borneo Insider

OUR QUESTIONS: What is President Aquino doing to protect the thousands and thousands of "stateless" Filipinos in Sabah who were born in the land which, by Philippine law, is Philippine territory. Will President Aquino continue to support the inhuman and illegal treatment being inflicted by Kuala Lumpur officials on Filipino Suluks and other Filipinos of various ethnic origins in Sabah? When will President Aquino be a patriot?

What will it take for this Republic to stand up for what is right? Where are its leaders?

If this government condones what the officials of Kuala Lumpur are doing, there is no chance for other countries, not even the United Nations, to help the citizens of the Republic in peril in Sabah.

~~ By Admin SMS
Philippine Sabah Claim Forum
25 March 2013

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Philippine map 1944-45 featuring Sabah, part of the Philippines

A singular post: A Philippine map 1944-45 featuring Sabah annexed to the Philippines; courtesy of Defender Renz Leo Bautista.

We think it is a good illustration of the Philippine map in 1944-1945 as it was before its formal colonisation by Britain (and before it was annexed illegally by Kuala Lumpur, Peninsular Malaya in 1963.)

Contract of lease 1878
Sabah was still controlled by the British North Borneo Company (although Japanese forces had occupied it until the end of the war) up to 1946 by virtue of a contract of lease signed in  1878 by the Sultanate of Sulu and Messrs Overbeck and Dent, two foreign businessmen. Until 1946, its sovereignty rights normally belonged to the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo. Hence, it is not surprising to see North Borneo figuring within the Philippine mapping scope.

In 1946, or following Japan's capitualation in WWII, the British North Borneo Company transferred it (Sabah) to the British Crown. Britain then formally colonised North Borneo or what is known today as Sabah. So this map does look like the map representing Philippines until the formal colonisation of Sabah by Britain.

~~ Admins, Defenders of the Philippine Sabah & Spratly Claims 
24 March 2013

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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Should President Aquino's Government now officially accept to kill our Sabah claim in the name of peace?

LET US BE VERY CLEAR ABOUT ONE THING: We are not against peace talks or peace deals with any of the rebel groups or Islamic organisation in Mindanao.

We do not even oppose handing over portions of Mindanao to our fellow countrymen or Muslim brothers in Mindanao, be they MNLF, MILF, BIFF, BIFM, MIM, or to whoever among OUR people BUT -- and this is a big but -- what we feel strongly about is doing it to serve Malaysia interests to the detriment of our own national peace, law and order in Mindanao, economic development in the South and above all, to the detriment of our national honour.

The Filipino people know full well that Malaysia began fermenting trouble in Mindanao by proxy immediately after the Philippines' Operation Merdeka, the failed physical attempt to recover Sabah in 1968. Malaysia efforts to sabotage stability in Mindanao have continued to this day, under different disguises perhaps but are aimed at distabilising Muslim Mindanao just the same. Generations of Mindanaoans know that Malaysia formed, trained, nurtured, funded secessionist groups right in Sabah. Malaysia objective: To keep the Philippines busy so that the country and its succeeding administrators could not turn around to re-claim Sabah.

Today, despite the change in Malaysia tactics, i.e., playing the 'goodies', engineering a peace deal, photo ops with GPH's Marvic Leonen and Teresita Deles, etc., their objective has not changed. On the pretext of being the loving 'big brother' peacenickers, Malaysia's bottom aim is to force us to accept the Sabah claim death warrant that they have been trying to serve us these last 4 decades and to bury our sovereignty claim to Sabah with finality. And we are absolutely certain that our Government today is aware that this is Malaysia's true motive. President Aquino cannot claim ignorance of Malaysia motives -- he has possession of intel reports on his desk on everything that has happened and continues to happen in Mindanao.

Question today: Should President Aquino's Government now officially accept to kill our Sabah claim in the name of "true peace" which, in reality, is appeasement by another name?

If national Government's true objective is peace overall, we recommend that President Aquino address the issue once and for all. You don't have to have a PhD in political science or in history to understand that the Sabah sovereignty issue with Malaysia will continue to be the key factor in the determination of our brothers in Mindanao to secede from the Republic to join Sabah, potentially under Malaysia umbrella.

We therefore insist that if President Aquino is serious about this 'peace deal' with the MILF (too bad he's done it without the MNLF and the others) -- and not merely to gain political "pogi" points, he must not shirk from the task of doing what is genuinely good for the people of Mindanao: have the courage to either tell the Malaysians "to bugger off" or to tell the nation that we are formally renouncing our sovereignty claim to Sabah.

By Anne de Bretagne
For the Philippine Sabah Claim Forum
16 October 2012

A MUST READ: Undertanding our Failures 
By Teo Calasanz
Unsung hero, Operation Merdeka
For the Philippine Sabah Claim Forum
15 October 2012

Sabah's sovereignty rights and proprietary rights

May nakita po kaming banner na nagsasabi na "SABAH IS OWNED BY THE PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT"... MALI PO. WILL TRY TO EXPLAIN PO. 

Sabah is NOT OWNED by the Philippine government but the Republic of the Philippines 'possesses' sovereignty rights over Sabah. However, the proprietary rights to the land belong to the Sultanate of Sulu heirs. There is a difference.

The Philippine government has NO ownership claim to Sabah land -- as in proprietary rights claim (in the same manner that Philippine government has NO ownership claim to your private lupa at bahay.)

So, sa madaling sabi, dalawang bagay po ito: SOVEREIGNTY RIGHTS & PROPRIETARY RIGHTS

The sovereignty rights to Sabah belong to the Republic by virtue of an official transfer made by Sultan Esmail Kiram I on 12 Sept 1962 witnessed by President Diosdado Macapagal. But the proprietary rights remain in the hands of the Sultanate of Sulu heirs.

Para po bang iyong sariling lupa at bahay at bahay ninyo maski sa dulo ng Pilipinas: kayo ang may-ari at sa inyo ang titulo ng pag-aari (proprietary rights) pero ang batas na susundin ay sa Republika, ang batas na umiiral ay sa Republika ng Pilipinas (sovereignty rights) pero hindi ibig sabihin na pag-aari ng gobyerno ang lupain.

DAGDAGAN PO NATIN ANG PALIWANAG at sana makatulong ito (pasensya na lang po sa Taglish explanation heheheh)

Tama po ang isang myembro natin na sabi niya na ang transfer ng sovereingty rights galing sa Sultanate ay FULL SOVEREIGNTY...

"Full Sovereignty" means full control but it doesn't signify proprietary rights to the piece of land. With 'full sovereignty', it would mean, the Republic will have full control of defence, police powers, foreign policy, taxation, execution of laws, coinnage, education, health etc etc...

Allow us to illustrate what FULL SOVEREIGNTY means by comparing it to the framework agreement being devised between govt and MILF for a Bangsamoro: despite "genuine and full autonomy" proposed to cover the new political entity, sovereingnty rights will be shared between the autonomous Bangsamoro govt and the Republic of the Philippines and basing it on the 10-points agreed between the MILF and the Republic, Bangsamoro will have police powers, capability to sign trade agreements with other countries, taxation, but because it is only shared sovereingty with the Republic, the Philippine govt will have control of national defence, foreign policy, coinnage (meaning currency) and other aspects of sovereignty rights that usually belong to the STATE (national government), etc.

BUT in the case of Sabah, sultanate indeed transferred FULL sovereingty rights to Republic as in full control of Sabah to take control of all the instruments of governance and does not mean shared sovereignty rights with the Sultanate of Sulu (unlike with the proposed MILF Bangsamoro 'homeland' which is shared sovereignty.)

Salamat po.

~~ Defenders of the Philippine Sabah and Spratly Claims 
Posted on 20 February 2013

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Classic example of American deception: 1899 Bates Treaty with Sultanate of Sulu

From: American Conflicts

General John Bates signed the Bates Treaty
with the Sultan of Sulu. 
(Photo credits: WikiCommons)
The Bates Treaty of 1899 was a classic example of American deception and use of treaties in deceptive ways. If the intent of colonization of the Philippines was “by God’s grace to do the very best by them” as indicated by President McKinley, the Bates Treaty was an unusual way to achieve this. The Treaty grants some degree of autonomy and protection to the Sulu Sultanate which effectively kept them out of the Philippines-American War.
However, once the war ended, the terms of the Bates Treaty were broken and the United States moved to bring the Moro territories under American military control. These actions lead to the Moro War.
– Grayspirit’s Abstract and Commentary

Text: Bates Treaty of 1899 

Conditional Agreement Between Brig. General John C. Bates, Representing the United States, and the Sultan of Jolo (Sulu), August 20, 1899
Between Brigadier-General John C. Bates, representing the United States, of the one part; and his Highness, the Sultan of Jolo, the Dato Rajah Muda, the Dato Attik, The Dato Calbi, and the Dato Joakanain, of the other part: it being understood that this agreement will be in full force only when approved by the Governor-General of the Philippine Islands and confirmed by the President of the United States, and will be subject to future modifications by the mutual consent of the parties in interest. 
Article I. The sovereignty of the United States over the whole Archipelago of Jolo, and its dependencies, is declared and acknowledged. 
Article II. The United States flag will be used in the Archipelago of Jolo, and its dependencies, on land and sea. 
Article III. The rights and dignities of His Highness the Sultan, and his Datos, shall be fully respected; the Moros are not to be interfered with on account of their religion; all religious customs are to be respected, and no one is to be persecuted on account of his religion. 
Article IV. While the United States government may occupy and control such points in the Archipelago of Jolo as the public interests demand, encroachment will not be made upon the lands immediately about the residence of His Highness the Sultan, unless military necessity requires such occupation in case of war with a foreign power; and, where the property of individuals is taken, due compensation will be made in each case. 
Any person can purchase land in the Archipelago of Jolo and hold the same by obtaining the consent of the Sultan and coming to satisfactory agreement with the owner of the land, and such purchase shall immediately be registered in the proper office of the United States Government. 
Article V. All trade in domestic products of the Arrchipelago of Jolo, when carried on by the Sultan and his people with any part of the Philippine Islands, and when conducted under the American flag, shall be free, unlimited, and undutiable. 
Article VI. The Sultan of Jolo shall be allowed to communicate direct with the Governor-General of the Philippine Islands in making complaint against the Commanding Officer of Jolo or against any Naval Commander. 
Article VII. The introduction of firearms and war material is forbidden, except under specific authority of the Governor-General of the Philippine Islands. 
Article VIII. Piracy must be suppressed and the Sultan and his Datos agree to heartily cooperate with the United States authorities to that end, and to make every possible effort to arrest and bring to justice all persons engaged in piracy. 
Article IX. Where crimes and offenses are committed by Moros against Moros, the government of the Sultan will bring to trial and punishment the criminals and offenders, who will be delivered to the government of the Sultan by the United States authorities if in their possession. In all other cases persons charged with crimes or offenses will be delivered to the United States authorities for trial and punishment. 
Article X. Any slave in the Archipelago of Jolo shall have the right to purchase freedom by paying to the master the usual market value. 
Article XI. In case of any trouble with subjects of the Sultan, the American authorities in the islands will be instructed to make careful investigation before resorting to harsh measures, as in most cases serious trouble can thus be avoided. 
Article XII. At present, American or foreigners wishing to go into the country should state their wishes to the Moro authorities and ask for an escort, but it is hoped that this will become unnecessary as we know each other better. 
Article XIII. The United States will give full protection to the Sultan and his subjects in case any foreign nation should attempt to impose upon them. 
Article XIV. The United States will not sell the island of Jolo or any other island of the Jolo Archipelago to any foreign nation without the consent of the Sultan of Jolo. 
Article XV. The United States government will pay the following monthly salaries: To the Sultan $250.00 (Mexican dollars) To Dato Rajah Muda $ 75.00 To Dato Attik $ 60.00 To Dato Calbi $ 75.00 To Dato Joakanain $ 75.00 To Dato Amin Hussin $ 60.00 To Dato Puyo $ 60.00 To Hadji Butu $ 50.00 To Hadji Mura $ 10.00 To Serif Saguin $ 15.00 
Signed in triplicate, in English and Sulu, at Jolo, this 20th day of August, A.D. 1899 (13 Arabmil Ahil 1317). 
(Signed) John C. Bates, Brigadier General, United States Volunteers 
(Signed) Hadji Mohammed Jamalol Kiram Sultan of Jolo 
(Signed) Datu Rajah Muda Datu Attik Datu Kalbi Datu Joakanain

Latest Kuala Lumpur propaganda: Malaysia Deputy Inspector General of the Police says he has successfully crippled Suluk Army in Sabah

LATEST PROPAGANDA FROM MALAYSIA DEPUTY INSPECTOR GENERAL OF THE POLICE March, 23, 2013 - 6:52 pm: "Sulu military commander captured; Kuala Lumpur security forces have successfully crippled the movements of the terrorists from Sulu" 

OUR VIEW: Do these Kuala Lumpur officials really believe that they've 'crippled' the Suluk Army movement with the arrest of one Suluk and his wife in Sabah? 

They must have been reading lots of fairy tales to cling to such fantasmagorical beliefs that they can cripple the Tausugs of Sulu just like that! Fantasmagorical declarations won't make a dent in the Suluk Army's great fighting prowess.

Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar merely is extending the stupidity of Kuala Lumpur officials when they propagate historical fantasies to their people whom they have been feeding during school years with some completely rubbish examples: 

(1) that Malaya fought for its independence from the Brits which is total hogwash! The Malayans did not want to be independent -- they were so fearful of being left with the Chinese in Malaya, they wanted the Brits to stay and play nanny to them. But the Brits said, "You are going to have your independence whether you like it or not in 1957." 
(2) Kuala Lumpur officials continue to spread the fallacy that MALAYSIA gained their independence from the British in 1963 which is total hogwash. MALAYSIA was created in 1963 by "federating" Malaya Federation (Peninsular Malaysia whose capital today is Kuala Lumpur), Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah so how could the Brits grant MALAYSIA Independence when it was only created in September 1963. Furthermore, the Brits had technically and very officially not ruled Malaya Federation since 1957!  
(3) that Malayans were responsible for the defeat of communists in Peninsular Malaysia which is an utter, total hogwash. It was the Brits led by General Gerald Templar along with the Aussies, the Indian recruits and the Gurkhas who fought and defeated Communist insurgents in Malaya! The bone-idle Malayans could not be trusted to fight with the Brits. Half the time, local Malayan intel was rubbish... Oh, yes, the Malayans carried the bags and drove for the fighting soldiers of the combined British Commonwealth but doing the fighting? No way. In fact, a senior British military officer said the Malayan SOB recruits were "a total waste of precious meagre rations."
(4) that Malayans fought the Indonesians in what has been known as the Konfrontasi, the low-intensity armed conflict over Sarawak which took place 1962-1966; complete, utter hogwash! The Malayans did not do bloody anything! It was the Brits, the Aussies, the New Zealanders, the Gurkhas, the Indian recruits who fought the Indonesians during the Konfrontasi years! Where were the Malayans? Twisting their bone idle bodies, doing nothing, incapable of lifting their backsides even if it meant their very own survival!
Kuala Lumpur spews lies, lies, lies, etc, etc., etc., ...The Malayans are the greatest propagandists of lies, much like their best friends today, China...

So, we say to Malaya's Deputy Director General of the Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar: Go tell what you say to your marines!

~~ Admins, Defenders of the Philippine Sabah and Spratly Claims 

23 March 2013


In picture: Deputy Inspector General of Police, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar (right) briefing settlers of Felda Sahabat from Perumahan Kilang Sawit Nilam Permata Kembara Sakti at the Baithul Rahman Kembara Sakti Mosque in Tungku on Saturday. He gave the all clear to let them return to their homes.


LAHAD DATU: The security forces have successfully crippled the movements of the terrorists from Sulu who intruded into Lahad Datu after capturing their military commander in Semporna, early this morning. 
Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said the man, in his 40s, was detained with his wife at a swampy area at 1.30am after a tip off.
He said the security forces also detained a local who provided all the needs of the terrorists from the early days of their landing in Kampung Tanduo on Feb 12 until today. 
Without going into further details on the man who is in his 40s, Khalid said he was caught at 10pm yesterday in Kampung Tanduo and was now being held under the Immigration Act. 
“The local coordinator has been identified as the individual who made arrangements for food and drinks, accommodation, transportation and medicine for the terrorists since the early part of the intrusion. 
“With the capture of the commander and a local stooge of the terrorists, I am confident the terrorist group is now crippled,” he told a media conference at the security forces operations heaquarters at Felda Sahabat 16 near here today.
Khalid said with the capture of the two individuals, he believed the movements of the remnants of the terrorists were now limited and weakened as they were directionless and no longer getting assistance from locals.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

To President Aquino: It's never too late to show even a sliver of courage

A letter to the President of the Philippines (in picture)

Subject: The Kuala Lumpur sponsored soon-to-be circus trial of the eight Filipinos charged with terrorism, including two of them who were also charged with waging a war against the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King of Malaysia).

Mr President, 

You virtually went on bended knees crawling before China authorities to spare the lives of some convicted drug mules on the pretext that every Filipino life is important.

But sadly, that personal doctrine of yours (or was that perhaps just for show?) went straight into the rubbish bin when it came to Sabah and to your friendship with Najib. You implied that your peace deal with the MILF which Kuala Lumpur has been engineering for you - but which was, in reality, a Malaysian strategical ploy for you to bury the Sabah claim - took premium over the lives of the peaceful Suluks who went to Sabah to stake their claim.

Instead of reassuring the Suluks, you disowned and publicly humiliated them on nationwide television, parroting the lines of Najib who literally was crapping all over you, over your manhood, over your dignity - AND THIS NATION's DIGNITY, even as Malaysians themselves were surprised that you had become Najib's spokesman.

Incidentally, Mr President, you may not know it - or may have chosen to ignore it, your friend and bogus "peace" engineer Najib Razak is the son of former Malaysia prime minister Tunku Abdul Razak who hated PH so much after your own Daddy (RIP) denounced Operation Merdeka back in the late 60s that he (Najib's Daddy) began funding the MNLF and MILF rebellion in the South.

Mr President, lest you forget, it was a foreign military with seven battalions of troops armed to the teeth who, upon orders of a foreign government (never mind if the leader of that foreign government was your best friend), launched the attack on the Filipino Tausugs in Tanduo and not the other way around as you and your brilliant advisers would like the public to believe.

Today, you stand accused in the court of public opinion of betrayal of trust, of violating your oath as president of the Republic, of de facto burying the nation's Sabah claim, of inaction in time of crisis, and even of cowardice, but Mr President, you can still redeem some of the remaining shreds of dignity this nation has left by fighting for our people who are facing the wrath of a foreign government and its armies that are occupying Sabah which, as you have now been told, is Philippine territory by PH law by virtue of Republic Act 5446.

If you choose to continue ignoring the plight and the human rights abuses heaped against our fellowmen in Sabah by a foreign government and its armed component, heaven help you Mr President but you will go down in history as the most ignoble and morally corrupt leader this country has ever known. But if you turn around now and show a brave face against the officials of Kuala Lumpur in defence of your people, you just might end up a hero in public eyes.

Think about it Mr President! It's never too late to show even a sliver of courage.

Thank you, Mr President.

We remain,

~~ Defenders of the Philippine Sabah and Spratly Claims
21 March 2013


REPORT: The eight accused Filipinos were among 107 suspected Sulu gunmen or suspected local supporters of the Kirams who were arrested by Malaysian security forces in sweeps in the districts of Lahad Datu, Tawau, Kunak, Sandakan and Semporna.
Radio 24 confirmed that as in Wednesday’s arraignment, none of the accused entered any plea.

Radio 24 said Malaysian Attorney General Abdul Gani Patail led prosecution.

Like the Sabah-based radio station, Radio 24 said no lawyer assisted the accused during both proceedings.

Radio 24 reported the judge as ordering the attrorney general to determine whether defense lawyers will be “appointed by the Bar Council of Malaysia, the Philippine government or the accused themselves.”

Read more: 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

General Templer got rid of Communist insurgency and not bone idle Malayans

British troops carrying dead body of Communist insurgent. Some of the Malayans behind could not even be expected to do it...


You will be doing Filipinos great injustice if you think the Malayans or the Peninsular Malaysians had such fighting history. So please learn or read Malaysia/Malaya history. IT IS IMPERATVE TO KNOW YOUR ENEMY TO BE ABLE TO FIGHT THEM EFFECTIVELY

As one senior British military officer who served in Malaya during the Emergency said, "The Malayan recruits were for the most part bone-idle sons of bitches and could not be trusted; just a waste of precious meagre rations."

It was not Malayan troops or Kuala Lumpur troops that "exterminated communist insurgency" in Malaysia or Malaya Peninsula as one commenter would have it. It was the British and the Bitish Commonwealth of Nations (with Malayans playing the onlookers or carrying logsitics at best, the Brits could not even trust Malayan native intel/info half the time) led by General Gerald Templer together with the Aussies, the New Zealanders, the Indian recruits and of course, the dreaded Gurkhas who scared the livinng daylight out of the ordinary Malayans who thought the Gurkhas were devil incarnate...nothing to do with the bone-idle Malayan sons of bitches! British General Templer only left the Malaya Peninsula after he had wiped out the communist insurgency.

  General Templer (in picture) was the one that coined the famous phrase, "of winning hearts and minds." He basically cornered them, put barrages around the jungle and did not let them through unless they were willing to surrender. He then had leaflets thrown at them from the air and promised them a house, business and a community life if they went out of the jungle and stopped fighting Tunku Abdul Rahman's government. (General Templer turned more than one million Chinese into Malaya citizens if they turned in and built communities far from the jungles for returning Communist insurgents.)

Basically, General Templer starved them and continuously chased them, harrased them, wounded and killed many of them if they did not surrender. He organised meetings with the Chinese womenfolk and told them to put pressure on their husbands, their fathers, their brothers, their sons, etc., that the Communists would be wiped out if they did not come out and did not stop what they were doing.

In fact, if you need to credit Malayans for helping defeat Communist insurgency, you must credit the Chinese women of Malaya who, after a time, put pressure on their menfolk to give up and accept the offer of the British.

The Malayans or the Malaysians DID NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT, they merely did the carrying of logistics for the British and Commonwealth Forces if they could make the Malayans work, otherwise, "bone idle Malayan SOBs" just did not do anything! The Gurkhas did most of the dirty job if you really want to know! Anything remotely susggesting that Malayan troops participated in the war operations against the Communists which Kuala Lumpur might be spreading today and about participating in defeating the Communists in Malaya Peninsula would BE A BIG FAT LIE!

Do not forget that that during the latter years of the Malayan Emergency, the Brits technically had already given the Malayans their independence but General Templer stayed on to wage the most successful anti-Communist guerilla campaign the world has ever known.

You cannot trust the Malayans to do that sort of thing... they did not have the courage or the brains nor even the willpower to be able to do that kind of operation. In fact, Communist insurgency and the increasing number of Chinese in the Peninsula were two of the reasons why the Malayans were worried about being independent but Britain, as early as 1947, said they would have their independence in 1957 whether they liked it or not. So, please don't be misled or if you have to post about it, be accurate -- read your history, read about General Templer and how he defeated Communist insurgency for the Malayans. DO NOT BELIEVE MALAYSIAN LIES.

If ever, Peninsular Malaysia's first ever fighting experience is happening today! The crackdown on Filipinos in Sabah and the continuing hunt for the Filipino Sulu fighters in Sabah is the VERY FIRST EVER fighting experience the Malayans or the Malaysians (Kuala Lumpur) will have for that matter and they needed 7 BATTALIONS or nearly 7,000 troops backed by heavy firepower TO MAKE IT HAPPEN YET THEY ARE NOT EVEN SUCCEEDING!

DO NOT BELIEVE THAT MALAYSIA HAS A BETTER FIGHTING HISTORY THAN THE PHILIPPINES, because you will be doing yourselves great injustice and will be spreading an atrocious lie.

~~ Admin AdB
Defenders of the Philippine Sabah & Spratly Claims

13 March 2013

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Philippine Army gives bronze medals to
Malaysian troops part of the outgoing
International Monitoring Team batch 7
in recognition of their efforts to monitor peace
between the Philippine government
and the MILF. (Photo by Ferdinand Cabrera)
REPORT: Malaysian military peace monitors in PH despite standoff [the conflict is also known as Malaysia military's murder of Filipino citizens in Sabah] (Please see report below)

In Mindanao, outgoing Malaysian troops acting as "peacekeepers" for Malaysia-engineered GPH-MILF Bangsamoro homeland in the making are awarded Bronze medals by Philippine Army and are replaced by fresh Malaysian armed forces troops headed by a Malaysian general.

This is happening as Kuala Lumpur officials order Malaysia military to "wipe out" all Filipino Tausugs involved in the 'Sabah stand off.' 

JUST HOW LOW WILL THIS GOVERNMENT GO TO APPEASE kUALA LUMPUR? What is our Government doing while our fellow Filipinos are being chased by foreign troops in Sabah which, by Philippine law (Republic Act 5446), is a Philippine territory? Why does our Govt allow Malaysian military (disguised as Peacekeepers) to take control of Mindanao territory while PH citizens are being massacred in Sabah by the same Malaysian forces?

Govt should suspend permission for any and all Malaysian military (even under pretense of peacekeeping in Mindanao) missions and should not allow Kuala Lumpur troops to walk about in our territory while Malaysian forces are killing our people and are committing human rights abuses on Filipinos in Sabah.

It is absolutely insane to allow these Malaysian military troops on Mindanao while there is even the remotest conflict involving the citizens of the Republic on a mission to recoer their homeland and Malaysia troops. It is like allowing Kuala Lumpur military to build a beachhead into our territory with total impunity so they could prepare for a potential Malaysia armed forces invasion operation of our territory! INSANE!

Completely insane! PH even goes as far as to award outgoing "peacekeeping" Malaysian troops medals while Filipino Tausug fighting for Sabah homeland are getting murdered by Malaysia military forces! Does Govt not realise that these Malaysian 'Bronze Medalists' (courtesy of PH Army) just might be assigned to Sabah to kill our fellow Filipino Tasugs in Sabah?


~~ Defenders of the Philippine Sabah and Spratly Claims 


BY RAPPLER.COM POSTED ON 03/11/2013 6:51 PM | UPDATED 03/11/2013 6:50 PM
DATU ODIN SINSUAT, Maguindanao – Despite tensions stemming from the month-long Sabah standoff, Malaysia sent a new set of troops to Mindanao as peace monitors. 
The troops arrived over the weekend to replace the outgoing batch of peace monitors whose one-year tour of duty under the International Monitoring Team (IMT) batch 7 expired. 
Malaysia is brokering a peace deal with the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). The peace process is now in the fine-tuning phase, with the recent signing of one of the annexes on the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro. 
Four of the 19 contingents are from the combined Royal Army of Malaysia, Royal Navy, Royal Police and civilian components. They arrived as part of the advanced party of the Malaysian monitors. 
IMT batch 8 headed by Maj Gen Dato Fadzil Bin Mokhtar received a welcome during a farewell dinner for IMT batch 7. 
Mokhtar addressed questions on whether or not the Sabah standoff will affect his team’s mission. 
“I don’t think so. We arrived in wrong timing [but] we have no apprehension at all [that] this new tour of duty will be tarnished in relation to the Sabah issue. We are clear on our mission here: to continue to monitor the ceasefire,” said Mokhtar. 
Outgoing head-of-mission of IMT batch 7, MGen Dato Abdul Rahim Bin Mohd Yusuff echoed the view. 
“IMT is concerned only [with] the directive by the Philippine government and the MILF to monitor the ceasefire,” Yusuff said. 
The Malaysian troops arrived amid criticism from some sectors of Philippine society about the crackdown on Filipinos in Sabah. Refugees from Sabah have reported abuses and atrocities supposedly committed by Malaysian security forces. 
A total of 52 militants and 8 Malaysian police officers have been shot dead and 85 people have been arrested for possible links to the followers of the Sultanate of Sulu. 
The standoff began exactly one month ago when the followers of Sultan Jamalul Kiram III crossed over to Sabah to assert their historical claim over the territory. 
Full story in this link

Monday, 11 March 2013

Returning Suluks from Sabah, driven out by the Malaysia police crackdown

MV Minham bringing 110 families coming from Sandakan,
arrived at Jolo wharf around 4:45pm.
( March 11, 2013)
Photo report from John Baird Lu in Jolo for the PHILIPPINE SABAH CLAIM FORUM

MILF silent about Malaysia atrocities on Filipino Tausugs in Sabah

MILF, largest Muslim rebel group  (Reuters)
Philippine Star's Dick Pascual writes in his Postscript column on 10th March 2013:
MILF QUIET: Now where is the MILF — the bloc pretending to represent the Muslims in their quest for their Bangsamoro — as Filipino Muslims who have settled home in Sabah are violently uprooted? 
Why is the MILF quiet as President Aquino and his foreign secretary talk with their Malaysian counterparts and then agree with what Kuala Lumpur wants to do with Filipinos in Sabah? 
What can the MILF say about their brothers being massacred in Sabah and being told by the President talking from the safety and comfort of MalacaƱang to lay down their arms and face charges? 
If indeed the MILF is the legitimate voice of Muslim Filipinos, how come not a peep is heard from it? Is the MILF, like the President, collaborating with Malaysia?
Our reply to Kuya Dick's "Now where is the MILF"?: Kuya Dick Pascual, the MILF is in the pocket of Malaysia and its leaders in Kuala Lumpur.

Moro Islamic Liberation Front chairman 
Murad Ebrahim is escorted by his troops 
to their base camp in Darapan, 
Sultan Kudarat province, 
Philippines. Photo: AFP
We must, however, reassure  Kuya Dick Pascual of the Philippine Star that the MILF has not been completely silent about the Sabah stand-off or about the Malaysia massacre of the Filipino Tausugs. Their official website says, "After several hours of deliberation, the core leadership of the MILF had reaffirmed its “no comment policy”..."

As we all know, the MILF has always been in cahoots with their patrons, the Govt of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur in engineering a so-called Bangsamoro in order to create a "new political entity" which they will call Bangsamoro to be composed of 13 provinces of Mindanao over which they have demanded SHARED SOVEREIGNTY with the Republic of the Philippines. Click on Draft of GPH-MILF Framework Agreement in this link here.

Strangely, on 01 September 2004, Ustadz/Prof. SHARIFF MOHSIN JULABBI Amer/Chairman, MILF-BMA who, by the most extraordinary coincidence, also signed as "Personal Envoy of HRH Sultan Ismael Ibn Al-marhum Sultan Haji Punjungan Kiram" (see full letter below)had written a letter to then Malaysia Prime Minister Badawi prior to the so-called GPH-MILF peace talks which could easily be interpreted as a plan that would ultimately dismantle the Republic. (See the Julabbi letter to then Malaysia PM Badawi below.)

We say "extraordinary coincidence" because 'Sultan' Ismail Kiram II happens to be the younger brother of 'Sultan' Jamalul Kiram III who had sent both men's younger brother known as Datu Puing to Sabah to reclaim Sabah in what is known today as the Sabah stand-off. We have always suspected that 'Sultan' Ismail or Esmail Kiram II, who is actually a sultan bantilan (sultan regent) has always been a staunch ally of Malaysia.

So with all these juxtaposition of players and events leading to the so-called peace accord , we are convinced that the MILF's "new political entity", if and when it happens, will ultimately secede from the Republic to join Malaysia Federation, perhaps not today, not tomorrow, not next year, not even perhaps in a couple of years but eventually, it will.

There is indisputable evidence that the Philippine Government led by President Aquino is allowing itself to be deliberately hoodwinked into an arrangement that will only benefit Malaysia:
(1) in order to keep the Republic and its president indebted ('utang na loob') to Malaysia so the Philippines cannot claim Sabah back as witnessed by the different pronouncements made by President Aquino himself that the Sultanate of Sulu army in Sabah 'compromised' the Malaysia-engineered GPH-MILF "peace talks" when the Sultanate's followers went to Sabah and engaged the Malaysians in a stand off  that has now turned bloody.

(2) the Kuala Lumpur engineered GPH-MILF arrangement opens the great energy resources of the designed MILF Bangsamoro to Malaysia, eg., Liguasan Marshes which, according to experts, contain an incalculable amount of natural gas said to be worth billions of dollars; it is worth reminding readers that news hit the press that Malaysia's Najib had already offered to MILF Ebrahim a certain amount of money to have control of the said marshes. Link to news about Liguasan Marshes.
We must not forget that MILF, established in 1977, has been the recipient of logistics, funds and other help from Malaysia since Hashim Salamat, its founder, broke away from Nur Misuari's MNLF in order to wage jihad against the Republic.

Najib and Aquino for the signing of the
Malaysia-engineered Framework Agreement 
There is no word to describe this Government led by President Aquino other than completely stupid.

How else can one describe a Government and its president who allows Malaysia, a country with which the Republic has an undeniable conflict of interest, a country with which we have an outstanding territorial dispute to engineer the so-called talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and to produce a 'Framework Agreement' that is bound to hit the Republic back in the face in the not so distant future?.

But what were the "bright" leaders of the Republic thinking? Did they believe that Malaysia was intent in leading the monitoring of the so-called peace talks with the MILF out of love for the Republic of the Philippines?

President Aquino and his advisers seem to have been completely taken in (and continue to be) by the 'charm' of Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib and the lure of KL money (which we must remind readers are reaped and fleeced from Sabah's petrol resources) with the end result that the president has forgotten that Muslim Mindanao comprises five million souls and not just 10,000 pro-Malaysia MILF guerilla fighters.

Did the president really believe that his foolhardy plan to yield sovereignty, even if shared, to the Malaysia-backed MILF over 13 provinces of Mindanao go unnoticed, especially by the Sultanate of Sulu?

The proof today that MILF is in the pocket of the Malaysians is MILF Chairman Murad Ebrahim's utter silence over the killings of Filipino Muslims in Sabah! What other proof do you need to convince yourself that Malaysia's Najib never had the welfare of Mindanao in mind but that his keen interest in the "peace talks" with the MILF  is for purposes of holding you and the Republic "by the balls" just as he is doing today?

Mr President, God gave you some thinking neurons -- please engage your brain before the Republic is totally dismantled by the foxy efforts of your Malaysian friends!

~~ By Anne de Bretagne
For the Defenders of the Philippine Sabah and Spratly Claims
11 March 2013

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Announcement of signing of the Framework Agreement in the Official Gazette of the Philippinne Government 
On October 7, 2012, the Government of Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front released the Framework of Agreement on the Bangsamoro, which will pave the way for the establishment of the new autonomous political entity, the Bangsamoro, to replace the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. The agreement was signed on the afternoon of October 15, 2012, in ceremonies held in MalacaƱan Palace, witnessed by President Benigno S. Aquino III, Malaysian Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak, and other dignitaries. 

MILF Chairman's letter to then Malaysia Prime Minister Badawi
1 September 2004 
Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh! 
When the hour of reckoning coupled with the hadith of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh): have come to struck my mind, I, being an azharite;  
product of Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt in the meantime, forget the comparison in the political arena, between Yang Amat Berhormat and me; head of state and a merely common man, instead venture to track the following prophetic discourses for our Islamic awareness who are bound to die; take a journey to the land of no return: 
(The best kind of Jihad, in the Way (Cause) of Allah, a statement of truth before an unjust ruler)  
(Whoever unlawfully usurps even one span of someone’s land, Allah will collar him with seven earths on the Hereafter) 
Time has come for us now to solve our conflict and misunderstanding on the issue of Sabah to determine once and for all who are really her real owners, before worse will come to worse, Allah forbid, for mutual interest and welfare of our both generations to come after us. 
Both Yang Amat Berhormat and I very well know that Sabah was annexed to the Malaysian political entity based merely on the historic lease (padjak) entered into between the lat e Sultan Jamalul Alam or Azam and the North Borneo Company in 22 January 1878. For that matter, the 1939 Macaskie Judgment could be one of the several documents and the deciding factors for determining the genuine, legitimate ownership of the State of Sabah. The very insufficient annual rental payment of the lease of Sabah has been in effect from the time of immemorial up to now channeled directly to the principal heirs of the Sultanate of the Sultan of Sulu and North Borneo. 
Attached herewith some documents for studies on the seriousness of prevailing situations over the Sabah issue, if could not be avoided might become detrimental to all of us in the pacific region. 
Frankly speaking, some US officials in the diplomatic corpse, US Department of State, two houses of the US Senate and Congress, USIP, US-Phil. Balikatan Exercises in the new millennium have met us for our possible cooperation for regaining the sovereignty of the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo. 
Of course, as far as we are concerned it is to our great advantage. But it is fresh in our mind and memory that we belong to Malay race and we came from the same recent ancestors plus the fact that we cembrace the same Faith. We learn to love and to beloved, yet we have suffered enough for several centuries under these bad circumstances and situations of the creations of others. We, the Suluans are but just human. We feel that our backs are now against the wall. But before running out of time we would like to suggest that both parties concerned – Malaysians & Suluans – should create two panels whose members should come from the different sectors of society to include, above all, the Ulama then come to the negotiating table for brotherly confrontation, make resolutions for lasting and comprehensive peace that serve as a monumental reservation for our coming generations. 
At this juncture, only two options hereunder have been left for us and we are required already to decide and choose our prerogative, by all means: 
1) Return back Sabah to its rightful owners and be under the Federation of Malaysia as a compromise. We are considerate enough; we believe it is a win-win solution more appropriate to both Malays Bomeputra and the Suluans as brothers of the same religion. Allah says: “Muslims are just a single brotherhood 
2) The cessation or disintegration of the entire Sulu Archipelago to include Zamboanga Peninsula, Palawan and North Borneo (Sabah) from both the Philippine Republic and the Federation of Malaysia and be created an Independent State as Sultanate of Sulu & North Borneo with her own government and sovereignty. 
To avoid bloodshed and for legal purposes, all past Treaties entered into between the US Governments and the Sulu & North Borneo Sultans be used as vital instruments for the creation of such State. Otherwise, worse will come to worse, God forbid. We should get lessons from Iraq and Afghanistan which are severely devastated now owing to the obstinacy and stubbornness of their leaders who imposed tyrant rules and dictatorship just for personal aggrandizement. These are all charged to experience. I am confident that relinquishing Sabah to her legitimate owners is inevitable. 
On behalf of the Islamic brotherhood and in the name of Islam I venture to challenge Yang Amat Berhormat to lessen your burden of responsibility here in our contemporary world and in the hereafter by solving the Sabah conflict before stepping down from top position in the near future. 
May Allah bless us all. W a s s a l a m!!!! 
Ustadz/Prof. SHARIFF MOHSIN JULABBIAmer/Chairman, MILF-BMAPersonal Envoy of HRH Sultan Ismael Ibn Al-marhum Sultan Haji Punjungan Kiram 
cc. Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong X11 Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Ibni Al-Marhum Tuanku Syed Putra Jamalullail